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    Quickly Capture Jobsites in 3D with a 360° Camera

    In just 30 minutes, onsite engineers can capture up to half a million square feet in 3D. All you need is the Cupix Capture mobile app and an off-the-shelf 360° camera.

    • Cupix Capture Mobile App

      Use this app to directly connect to and control a 360° camera, take 360° photos or videos, and upload files to our server

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    • Compatible 360° Cameras

      Our app currently supports the Ricoh Theta V and Z1, the Insta360 ONE R and X, and the MADV Madventure or Xiaomi Mi Sphere

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Capture Any Space

Any location in any condition can be captured and precisely measured in 3D

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    Indoor & Outdoor Sites

    Easily create 3D Digital Twins of building interiors or of large outside spaces like atriums, rooftops, parking lots, and unenclosed areas

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    Tight Spaces

    Capture difficult to access spaces, such as areas above ceilings or behind large equipment

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    Crowded Scenes

    You no longer need to wait until onsite workers are not around to create a capture

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    Dark Areas

    Enable HDR during captures to create clear images, even in poor lighting

The Most Versatile Capture Methods

Switch between our three capture options with ease at any time during your capture

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    Single Shot

    Best for simple 360° photograpy

    • Manual mapped 360° photos
    • High image quality
    • Easiest spot capture
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    Video Shot

    Best for weekly jobsite 3D documentation

    • Auto-mapped 360° photos
    • Reasonable image quality
    • Supports 3D measurements from 360° imagery
    • Quickest area coverage
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    Best for highly detailed, full 3D records

    • Auto-mapped 360° photos
    • High image quality
    • Supports 3D measurements from 360° imagery
    • Most accurate area coverage
  • Bring in 3D Reality Capture Data

    Import point cloud data from terrestrial and hand-held LiDAR scanners, drone photogrammetry, robots, or custom-built reality capture systems into our unified 3D Digital Twin platform

    • All reality capture before All reality capture after

    Move the slider to compare a 360° photo and LiDAR data of the same space.
    This LiDAR data and 360° photo were captured separately, and both are combined using our 3D alignment capabilities.

    • compare

      Visualize and Compare

      Open massive point cloud data alongside 360° photos and BIM. Share them all with annotations and markups using only a web browser.

    • camera

      Hybrid Capture

      Capture the entire site with the Cupix Capture Mobile App, then use LiDAR scanners to document areas with highly detailed geometry

    • architecture

      Precision Alignment

      Align point cloud data, BIM, and sheets to a 360° photo capture by using our constraint-based 3D alignment tools

    • straighten

      Cross Data Measurement

      Take precise measurements from point cloud data, 360° photos, or BIM objects in both 2D and 3D



Introducing SiteView

The future of immersive 3D jobsite documentation is here!
SiteView is a Google Street View-like virtual jobsite environment where you can perform side-by-side progress over time comparison, as-built vs. as-designed analysis, 3D measurements, and 3D annotations.

  • Capture App


    Communicate and Annotate with Custom Forms

    Create unlimited form templates using the built-in form builder that provides the extreme flexibility your project team needs

    • build

      Fully Customizable

      Design forms to fit your specific data annotation needs without any programming or third party software

    • add_location_alt

      Pin with 3D Coordinates

      All annotations in a SiteView are pinned at specific 3D coordinates so collaborators will always know the exact location and spatial context

    • admin_panel_settings

      Controlled Sharing

      Control access permissions on annotations to make sure only selected contractors can see or edit them

    • insert_chart_outlined

      Export and Analyze

      Collect all related annotations and export them to PDF, CSV, or Excel files and analyze them in other applications

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Capture App


Live BIM Compare and Overlay

Identify and resolve costly mistakes before they happen. Cupix’s spatial intelligence enables advanced comparisons between as-designed BIM models and as-built 3D Digital Twins.
Compare BIM and 360° photo captures side by side, or transport and overlay 3D objects from BIM to the 3D Digital Twin. Continue viewing the 3D Digital Twin as if the object is in real-world space.

Capture-to-BIM: No Point Cloud Required!

Create a new BIM from scratch or update an existing one using a 3D Digital Twin as a real world template. No point cloud is needed - just use our built-in schematic drawing tools to easily and accurately trace walls, doors, windows, and more in 3D.
Improve the accuracy of your as-built BIM by importing point cloud data. Our tools support visualizing and measuring dimensions from the point cloud on top of the 360° photos.

Capture App


Integrated with BIM 360, Procore, and PlanGrid

Initiate issues, RFIs, or punch list items from SiteView, then link them to your project management software. Any freehand markups added to a linked SiteView item are automatically posted to your project management software as attachments. Our additional integration with BIM 360 enables you to import BIM and drawings stored in BIM 360 Doc with just a few button clicks.

  • Enterprise adoption ready
  • Enterprise Adoption Ready

    Keep sensitive information safe, easily mange administrative overhead as more employees get on board, integrate SiteView with your existing workflows, and archive critical visual data offline for compliance with regulations

    • admin_panel_settings

      Permission Controls

      Take advantage of our enterprise-grade user and group account management system, paired with our highly granular access permission controls

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      Private AWS Storage

      Files including 360° photos and point cloud data can be stored in your AWS S3 buckets for greater control and ownership

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      Offline Archiving

      Archive SiteView content offline to comply with regulations and for future reference

    • code

      SiteView APIs

      Embed and control SiteViews programmatically in your downstream applications using our APIs