CupixHomes Deprecation

As of November 2022, CupixHomes will no longer accept new sign-ups. While we have no plans to retire CupixHomes, please note that the solution is no longer in development and will only support existing users moving forward.

For any additional questions, please reach out to Cupix. Thank you.


Arts & Culture

“Thanks to Cupix I can focus on my specialty of creating stunning panorama photos instead of juggling many different tools.”

Gil-Jae Lee, CEO The VR / Google Trusted Photographer

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    To be competitive in the market utilizing the expertise on panorama photography

    Gil-Jae Lee is the owner of The VR, a renowned expert in panorama photography, and a Google Trusted Photographer since 2016. With virtual tours gaining popularity, there is sure to be much competition among virtual tour service providers. He has to sell add-on features and often customize the Web viewer codebase in order to stand out from the pack and secure more contracts. He wants to spend more time on his artistic creativity and perfecting the image quality which, he believes, would be the best way to market his professional expertise.

Sample Tour

A Google Trusted Photographer leverages Cupix to gain a competitive advantage


How things really work


    Create a 3D virtual tour automatically

    • Cameras in use: Nikon D800 + Samyang 8mm fisheye lens / Nikon 16mm
    • Stitching software: PTGui
    • Why Cupix?
      • Ability to compute the photo connectivity and create the virtual walkthrough automatically
      • Very easy to arrange virtual objects to promote customers’ properties
      • Very easy to manage a large volume of virtual tours

    Create virtual tours in a more productive way while focusing on your specialty

    “I was just blown away when I first tested Cupix,” said Gil-Jae Lee, the owner of The VR and a Google Trusted Photographer. “We have been providing the virtual tour service for the last 12 years, and I thought it’s great we finally have access to innovative software on the market that would change how we create virtual tours in a far more productive way. Cupix computes photo locations and makes the virtual walkthrough possible in a fully automated way which is not achievable if you have to connect dozens of panorama photos manually. Plus, there are many rich features that let you add 3D virtual objects and to customize the Web player. All the functionalities for categorizing, searching, and sharing virtual tours are well streamlined and very fast. Now, I’m really pleased because thanks to Cupix I can focus on my specialty of creating stunning panorama photos instead of juggling many different tools.”