CupixHomes Deprecation

As of November 2022, CupixHomes will no longer accept new sign-ups. While we have no plans to retire CupixHomes, please note that the solution is no longer in development and will only support existing users moving forward.

For any additional questions, please reach out to Cupix. Thank you.

Standard features

Create and share 3D tours with the clients

Creating 3D tours using a consumer grade 360° camera or a high-end DSLR camera, and sharing them with the clients is seamlessly supported as a standard feature set.


    Create and manage 3D tours

    You can easily create 3D tours by uploading 360° photos. After 3D tours are created, you can enhance them, organize them into workspaces, search and sort them, allow the clients to access them using the Web Player.

  • Create and manage 3D tours
  • Take a 360 video

    Take a 360° video

    As well as 360° photos, you can upload a 360° video. Our software can track the camera path, identify salient 360° photo frames, and deliver back the 3D tour to you.


    Interactive Floor Plan

    You can easily align a 3D virtual tour with a floor plan image and create an interactive floor plan. The location of each pano and viewing angle are displayed on the floor plan while navigating through a 3D tour which helps viewers get a sense of space intuitively.

  • Interactive Floor Plan
  • Pushpin, 3D Box, and Hotspot

    Pushpin, 3D Box, and Hotspot

    Enrich 3D tours with 3D annotations using Pushpin, 3D Box, and Hotspot objects.

    • place


    • layers


    • navigation



    Combine 3D tours

    Create 3D tours in smaller segments separately and combine them later using our intuitive Web Editor.

    • Combine 3D tours
    • Download 3D data

    Download 3D data

    You can download raw 3D data like the point cloud in the PLY format and the textured mesh in the OBJ format if you subscribe to any paid plan.