CupixHomes Deprecation

As of November 2022, CupixHomes will no longer accept new sign-ups. While we have no plans to retire CupixHomes, please note that the solution is no longer in development and will only support existing users moving forward.

For any additional questions, please reach out to Cupix. Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What camera can I use?

There are dozens of off-the-shelf consumer grade 360° cameras available on the market, and technically they are all compatible with Cupix software. However, a few of them perform better than others as per our testing, and our top choices include the Ricoh Theta, Insta360, Mi Sphere 360, MADV, Yi 360 cameras, and GoPro Fusion (not in the order of preference). You can use a DSLR camera with a panoramic mount ring as well if you need high-resolution photos. Make sure that the width to height ratio is 2:1 when you create panoramic photos.

How many photos do I need to take for a decent 3D tour?

It depends. The simplest way of estimating the ballpark number of photos is by dividing the size of the space by 35 in case of ft² and by 3 in case of meter², but the actual number may vary with the structure of the space.

Can I upload dual fisheye or unstitched photos?

No. Cupix only supports equirectangular 360° photos with a width:height ratio of 2:1.

How long does it take to process my 3D tour?

It depends on the number of photos you've uploaded. A 30 photo upload might take less than an hour, and a 60 photo tour might take 2 to 3 hours to process.

Can I replace photos after creating 3D tours?

Yes. You can replace photos even after a 3D tour is created.

Which web browser works best with Cupix Web Player and the Web App?

The Web Player requires an internet connection and a web browser supporting the WebGL standard. You can quickly check the compatibility of WebGL by opening the test page at Most web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and Internet Explorer 11 support WebGL including their mobile versions. The Web App works best in Chrome or Firefox. It does also work in Safari, Edge, and Internet Explorer 11. However, we don't recommend using these browsers officially.

The loading speed of the Web Player is slow. How can I fix it?

Cupix is using a high-performance CDN (Content Delivery Network) and the very first time you load a 3D tour will be the slowest for your geographical region. The next time you load it up, it will be much faster for you and anyone else in your geographic area.

Can I add custom 3D objects like furniture?


Can I add videos to my 3D tour?

Yes. You can embed YouTube, Wistia, or Vimeo videos in Pushpins.

Can I create a floor plan from the 3D tour?

Yes and no. There is no automatic or specialized toolset to create a floor plan drawing out of a 3D tour. However, you can contact 3rd party service providers who use Cupix's 3D tours to draw and deliver professional floor plans.

Can I export my tour directly to Google Maps?

Yes. Cupix has received the Google Street View Ready certification, and you can easily publish your 3D tour to Google Maps.

Can I measure actual dimensions?

Yes. You can use the Cupix marker when taking photos, or manually calibrate a 3D tour after it is created.

Can I embed a 3D virtual tour on my webpage?

Yes. Cupix Online App generates an embed code. Just copy and add it to your webpage.

Can I download the 3D point cloud?

Yes. You can download the 3D point cloud.

Do I have to pay for unsatisfactory results?

No. Primary charges are based on the capacity (storage) usage and feature packages you selected. If you are not satisfied with your 3D tour, delete and recreate it. No additional costs will be charged for the re-creation. However, if your capacity plan is the Petite free plan the number of times you can create new 3D tours per month is limited.

What happens if I exceed my capacity limit?

You may not be able to create more 3D tours until you delete unnecessary 3D tours and save storage space.

Can I pause my subscription?

No. There is no way to pause your subscription, and you can only cancel your subscription. Once you cancel it, you are no longer able to access your 3D tours and every tour published will be deactivated.

Can I host 3D tours from my internet domain and remove the Cupix logo entirely?

Yes and no. You can custom-brand the 'Logo Image', the 'Watermark Image' and the 'Nadir Photo' if you subscribe to the Studio Pack. If you want a complete custom branding including the hosting URL, please contact us.