CupixHomes Deprecation

As of November 2022, CupixHomes will no longer accept new sign-ups. While we have no plans to retire CupixHomes, please note that the solution is no longer in development and will only support existing users moving forward.

For any additional questions, please reach out to Cupix. Thank you.


Travel & Hospitality

“When a user sees True VR, the booking rate goes up by 25%, and it is a remarkably encouraging signal.”

Troy Kim, Head of Marketing, DAILYHOTEL

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    Better serve users’ needs and build long-term relationship with users

    Even though the travel mobile app market is filled with competition, DAILYHOTEL has thrived by offering a useful hotel booking app for those who look for last minute deals. However, they should quickly forge ahead and think about how they can better serve users’ needs in order to stand out in an increasingly competitive landscape. Building a long-term relationship with users is another challenge.

Sample Tour

Hotel booking conversion rate up by 25% increasing loyalty among users


How things really work


    DAILYHOTEL started providing 3D virtual tours for hotel rooms from June 2017

    • Cameras in use: RICOH Theta S
    • # of hotel rooms created: 500+ in one month with two photographers
    • Average 360° photos per room: 10~15
    • Average time to take photos per room: less than 5 min.
    • Why Cupix?
      • Ability to control the quality of photos
      • 3D virtual tour production is extremely cost-effective
      • Potential to leverage 3D geometry for future sales promotions

    True VR service was launched and booking conversion rate up by 25%

    “According to our user survey, more than 50% of users said accommodations and amenities are very important factors when making travel plans,” said Troy Kim, the head of marketing, DAILYHOTEL. “True VR, which is our brand name of 3D virtual tours, does not only help users get the sense of space but also visually check overall cleanliness and the quality of amenities. Sure enough, it quickly became a central part of our Daily Lifestyle campaign which shows our long-term commitment that we provide information that users truly need. Moreover, when a user sees True VR, the booking rate goes up by 25%, and it is a remarkably encouraging signal. These users are likely to come back and book through our app in the future just because they trust our service.”